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Posted 12.31.13 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

For years our team of Nutrition Specialists has helped concerned and confused parents to understand how Neocate can help children with food allergies or a cow milk allergy (CMA). Parents who are new to food allergies often struggle in the beginning and follow a long journey to answers. We wanted to help these families by providing a new resource where they are likely to look for answers.

A new website

These days many parents use the internet to research medical questions before asking their doctor, and conversations with doctors are difficult for some parents. We at Neocate created a new site to help parents have meaningful discussions with the healthcare team when their little one shows food allergy symptoms – AMothersJourney.com. We included tools to help parents such as an emotional video about one mother's journey with food allergies and a Symptom Checklist, which lists possible symptoms of CMA. We also included a Food Allergy Discussion Guide, since healthcare teams depend on information from the family in order to diagnose and manage allergies. We hope the Discussion Guide will help parents provide useful information and ask the right questions.

Who should visit the new site?

This new website was designed for families looking for answers. For instance: parents of children that may be experiencing food allergy-related symptoms who need to speak with the doctor to get more information. It can also help families with a little one newly diagnosed with a food allergy, still searching for the right formula or diet to help manage food allergy symptoms.

As a parent who has been through this journey and found the answers that your child needed, we ask that you take a look at our new site and share it with other parents who might need help. Share this link: www.amothersjourney.com

What do you think of the new site? Would a site like A Mother’s Journey have helped you when you were looking for answers?

- Rob

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