Reimbursement: A Helping Hand


Neocate Product Coverage Navigator

Receive coverage help for your child with our Nutricia Product Coverage Navigator.

Getting help with the costs of feeding a child with cow milk, soy or protein allergies, or severe GI issues, can go a long way to helping the whole family feel better.

Here you’ll find resources and information that can help you find reimbursement for the medical foods and exempt infant formulas your child needs to thrive. You may be eligible for private insurance coverage, government support and even assistance from us.

You can also contact us at 1-800-365-7354 where you can gain access to our staff of insurance specialists (Se Habla Español). Our specialists are waiting to help you intervene with your insurance or Medicaid provider to determine if your policy provides coverage for your child's formula. Our skilled insurance staff will also help you appeal to your insurance company if you have been denied.  We are happy to provide this value added service at no cost to you.


Reimbursement Resources

We understand the challenges patients and caregivers encounter when attempting to obtain coverage for medical foods.  That's why we are happy to provide the Nutricia Product Coverage Navigator...

WIC* Coverage

A variety of Neocate products are covered by WIC programs in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  Find out what is covered where you live.

Other Programs

When private insurance does not cover Neocate, you might be covered under one of these additional resources...

Resources You Can Use

Severe protein allergies are rare, and you may need to educate your insurer about why you are entitled to reimbursement. Below are some tools that will help you make your case.  

Get Involved

Insurers in 14 states provide some form of reimbursement to families for medical foods and exempt infant formulas like Neocate...