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In this resource center, you’ll find answers to your biggest questions, tools to help you make the most of the time with your doctor and dietitian, real-life stories from other parents, reliable information on conditions, downloadable guides for using Neocate products, and much more.

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Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Snack-time and mealtime shouldn't be a daily challenge. So, we've created a collection of delicious Neocate recipes for your little one and the whole family to enjoy. These allergy-friendly recipes include our complete product line-up, including Neocate Syneo Infant, Neocate Infant, Neocate Nutra, Neocate Junior and Neocate Splash.

Neocate Guides & FAQs

Would you like some handy instructions for preparing and storing Neocate, or guides that cover a range of issues that parents most often ask about? Perhaps you have questions about how Neocate can help your child. Here, you can find helpful guides, instructions, and answers to parents' most common inquiries.

Patient Stories

When it comes to making choices for your child, you probably listen closely to the opinions of other parents. Because making a confident choice for your little one's nutrition is what it’s all about. To find out why so many parents turn to Neocate, browse our Patient Stories and read about their journeys.

Reimbursement Resources

Getting help with the costs of feeding a child with cow milk, soy or protein allergies, or severe GI issues, can help the whole family feel better. Turn to our Product Coverage Navigator to find product access and coverage for the medical foods and formulas your child needs to thrive.

Food Allergy Conditions & Symptoms

If your child has symptoms after eating certain foods, he or she may have a food allergy. But, what is a food allergy and what are the most common symptoms? Learn about the eight most common food allergens, as well as the different types of allergic reactions.

Cow Milk Allergy Symptom Checker

Worried your little one could be showing signs of a cow milk allergy? Use the Symptom Checker tool to better understand what a child's symptoms could mean, and receive a head-to-toe guide on how Neocate can help.

Living with Food Allergies Blog

Our Living with Food Allergies blog is a resource for parents to learn more about managing food allergies—day in and day out. We aim to keep you informed with the latest news and events, while providing useful tips, meal plans and advice for food allergy-related questions.

Different Formula Types

Food and nutrition are a part of our everyday lives. For infants and children, in particular, nutrition is especially important in making sure they get the nutrients they need at the right age. Get a better understanding of the options available for feeding your child and their differences.

Stay Connected & Get Personalized Support With Nutricia Footsteps

Whether you are new to food allergies, need help with a lifestyle change, or are looking for new ideas, we are here for you. Nutricia Footsteps is a free service that sends you personalized, age-appropriate information.

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