Holidays with Food Allergies: How to navigate the season

Holidays with food allergies. It’s the hustle bustle time of year – the HOLIDAY SEASON! Sprinkle this with food allergies and it’s like a manic Monday every day. Are you feeling this? I know I am and I look for any go-to guidance I can get. Would you like some Holiday Help? I thought so. Below I’ve got 15 resources to assist you in navigating all things holiday. Check it out!


  1. Tips to make traveling with food allergies just a bit easier
  2. Tips for traveling by train, plane, or automobile with Neocate
  3. Stay up-to-date with all things Neocate using the Neocate Footstep App!
  4. Learn more about TSA special procedures for traveling here
  5. Calling the TSA Cares hotline to answer questions about what you can bring on an airplane at 1-855-787-2227
  6. Kids with Food Allergies offers eight great travel tips to help avoid allergic reactions and enjoy the holidays


  1. Check out 3 great tips for hosting parties and get togethers where some guests have food allergies
  2. Browse delicious recipes for a festive holiday
  3.  FAACT offers this list of fabulous tips to make sure you maintain allergy safety with food during the holiday season
  4. The pretty bee shares how to stock your pantry for holiday baking
  5. Kids With Food Allergies has several great guides for recipe substitution


  1. Family outdoor activities for the Holidays to help everyone stay sane!Holidays with food allergies
  2.  Check out this video – Ms. Miller, the founder and president of Allergic Girl Resources, Inc., discusses talking to relatives and friends when planning holiday events, reframing holiday meaning and connecting with the joy of the season.
  3. Will grandparents be helping care for the grandkids this holiday season? FAACT just developed a comprehensive guide to help grandparents caring for kids with allergies right here.
  4. How great is this? A customizeable letter from Santa to help an allergic child feel like part of the Christmas cookie fun. Santa wants your little one’s help in ensuring the elves with food allergies can enjoy a cookie too!
  5. Always be prepared. 

The Neocate team at Nutricia wishes you the best of the Holiday Season and a happy and healthy New Year!

Published: 12/22/2016
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