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...Along with all of the stress of the holidays (decorating, sending cards, gifts, oh my!), it can be hard to juggle preparing food for a crowd, especially when food allergies are present. Here are some tips and tricks to help make a Christmas dinner that much easier on the host. Simplify to remove allergens Guests with food allergies don’t always need an entirely separate menu. If you are hosting, start by asking guests what...
...comprehensive guide to help grandparents caring for kids with allergies right here. How great is this? A customizeable letter from Santa to help an allergic child feel like part of the Christmas cookie fun. Santa wants your little one’s help in ensuring the elves with food allergies can enjoy a cookie too! Always be prepared. The Neocate team at Nutricia wishes you the best of the Holiday Season and a happy and healthy New Year!...
Elimination Diet for Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE): Things I wish I knew Before Starting
...elimination diet clock has to start over. Time spent finding and preparing allowable food is time well spent. You can select the start date You and your doctor agree that your child should start an elimination diet to determine if that will help reduce their EoE symptoms. It’s beneficial to start when the diet will be successful. For example during Fall months, all you can think about is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and how to...
...Are there babies or toddlers who will have sippy cups, bottles or snacks with foods to which your child would react? When will they play? Schedule the play date so that you don’t have to coordinate a whole meal. Keep in mind that Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas time are all celebrated with an abundance of candy. How do I train caregivers? Caregivers need to be given an overview of food allergies, your child’s...

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