Mendel Thrives on E028 Splash

Posted 1.1.12 | Nutrition Specialist

At eight months, Mendel was a healthy, happy baby and began eating solid foods without a problem. Surprisingly, at twelve months, Mendel developed a severe stomach virus causing his parents to admit him to the hospital.  From this point forward, Mendel was unable to consume solid foods.     

“It was very strenuous for the family not knowing what was wrong with him,” said Mendel’s mother Yitty.

After staying in the hospital and being put on IV fluids for a few days, Mendel returned home.  However, over the next few weeks, he lost a significant amount of weight as he refused to eat solid foods.  

Yitty spent months going from doctor to doctor to try to get a proper diagnosis for Mendel.  All the while he was slowly falling off of the growth chart. 

Mendel was showing signs of a milk allergy, eczema and overall gastrointestinal (GI) issues, but no one could give him a definite diagnosis.

Finally, Mendel’s doctor recommended E028 Splash, a nutritionally complete amino acid-based drink for children with GI issues. Mendel began drinking E028 Splash as his sole source of nutrition.

“Once Mendel was able to consume the amount of the E028 Splash he needed to fulfill his calorie intake, he started to gain weight,” explained Yitty.  “A year and a half later, Mendel still relies on E028 Splash as his primary source nutrition and is continuing to gain a healthy amount of weight.” 

Mendel has been on E028 Splash for the last year and a half.  He recently started school and is able to carry his E028 Splash drink box easily in his lunch bag.

“Mendel feels great on E028 Splash.  Not only has he gained weight, but he is now behaving better too!” said Yitty.  

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