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...ruled out other causes, and explain the list of changes you tried that did not help. Inform the doctor that food allergy is common among infants, and explain the other symptoms your child is experiencing which could be related to food allergy. Skin creams are commonly prescribed for rashes. While these creams may help to reduce inflammation and itching caused by a food allergy, they will not help other allergy symptoms such as diarrhea, gastroesophageal...
Baby Rashes from A to Z (Acne to Eczema!) and When Is It a Milk Allergy?
...a cause, you’ll need to keep your little one from coming into contact with the food and cosmetics with ingredients from that food. Symptoms and treatments of contact dermatitis. Diaper Rash as well as baby rashes? Diaper rash happens when an outbreak occurs on parts of the skin in contact with diapers. Some causes include having wet diapers on for too long when the infant has diarrhea, or diapers are too tight. The introduction of...
...You might have heard that eczema can be a sign of a food allergy or sensitivity in infants. But before we review potential links between food allergies and eczema, let’s go over some basics. What is eczema? It is most often characterized by dry, red, extremely itchy patches on the skin. Eczema is sometimes referred to as “the itch that rashes,” since the itch, when scratched, results in the appearance of the rash. Who...
...a very unhappy baby on your hands. Also, for some children eczema can flare up from environmental triggers. What to do? Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve that can help bring relief to your little one (and you!). Ask her healthcare team if any of the following suggestions could help: Oatmeal Bath: Oatmeal has skin-softening properties to soothe and moisturize irritated skin. To make the bath, fill a sock with oatmeal (use...
Cow Milk Allergy
​Cow milk, a childhood staple and a key source of vital nutrients, is also responsible for the most common food allergy in early life. Learn more about the symptoms that a milk allergy may cause and how Neocate can...
8 Common Signs and Symptoms of a Cow Milk Allergy
...Induced Enterocolitis (FPIES)– violent vomiting a few hours after feeding is the hallmark sign.) Digestive: Persistent Gassiness Gas happens when there is excess air in the stomach or intestines. This can result in discomfort, burping, or passing gas. Discomfort can cause an infant to be “fussy”, “cranky”, or “colicky.” All babies have gas, but when it occurs with several other signs, it signals a possible allergy to cow milk. Skin: Unexplained Rash There are many...
...signs and symptoms, you might be wondering, What is the difference between CMA and lactose intolerance? The following video from Dr. Adam Fox helps to explain the difference: Common Signs and symptoms of a Cow Milk Allergy These signs or symptoms may take anywhere from minutes to hours to days until they appear. Skin Rash/Itchy Skin/Hives Vomiting Extreme fussiness Diarrhea Excessive Gas Wheezing, coughing or other respiratory symptoms Now, let’s talk about each of these...
Multiple Food Allergies
Multiple food allergies can make life challenging for you and your child. Meals at home, dining out, and meeting nutritional needs can become obstacles. Learn more about multiple food allergies and how Neocate can...

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