Neocate Cookbook Lunch Recipe Round Up

Posted 9.20.11 | Mallory West

My Top 5 Lunch Picks from our Neocate Food Allergy Cookbook:

  • Cream of Broccoli Soup (Page 8)
    As a cream of broccoli soup enthusiast, I love this allergy-friendly (and far healthier) variation of the original. This is a very well balanced meal and a great way to sneak some vegetables into your child’s menu. 
  • Hamburger Harvest Soup (Page 9)
    Naming a soup after a hamburger is a great way to entice your kids to eat it! This recipe is full of flavor and nutrients. It’s especially high in protein; Each serving provides 12 grams!
  • Vegetable/Cracker Dip (Page 10)
    Serve with raw veggies and/or crackers (see cracker recipe on page 18!) and this is a healthy lunch. This would be a great option to send to school or have with you on-the-go. 
  • High Calorie Neocate Shake (Page 22)
    This may not be an appealing lunch for everyone but since we so commonly hear from parents who have trouble getting their child to eat and gain weight, I thought this would be a great idea for some of you. A parent sent this recipe idea to us and said she uses it for sick days or when her child needs to gain weight. One shake provides a large amount of nutrients, healthy fats and of course, calories. You could easily use this as a meal replacement.
  • Macaroni and Cheese (Almost) (Page 20)
    Mac & cheese is one of the most popular foods among kids. Thanks to this dairy-free recipe, children with milk allergies can have their mac & cheese too! You can also add some pureed butternut squash to this recipe for some added flavor, nutrition and to make the color more similar to standard mac & cheese.

Remember that you should always check the ingredients of these recipes to make sure they are appropriate for your little one’s food allergies.

What are your favorite allergy-friendly lunch recipes?  They can be from the cookbook or some of your own!




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