No chocolate bunny for Easter?

During the Easter season, eggs and chocolate are everywhere! As a parent, you always want to create a fun holiday atmosphere for your child. However, when your child has a food allergy, Easter can be a tough time. Let’s face it, “Easter eggs” and chocolate bunnies are a big part of the celebration! But, with a little bit of creativity, your child can have as many memorable moments and traditions as any other child celebrating Easter.

The Basket

There are many ways to create a great Easter basket for you kids without the chocolate! Books and stuffed animals are always a great option. Who wants a chocolate bunny when they can have a stuffed one! Along with Easter comes the beginning of spring- so bubbles, sidewalk chalk and any other outside toy would be a great addition. Your child will be able to play with their Easter baskets long after the chocolate is gone.

The Eggs

When it comes to decorating eggs, you can use wood eggs, plastic eggs or even Styrofoam eggs instead of hard boiled ones. Create them early with your child and use them as a decoration around the house. It will be a constant reminder of how fun “fake” eggs can be to decorate.

The Tasty Treats

Okay, admittedly, giving up the chocolate and goodies isn’t going to be easy. The good news is there are now companies that make allergy-friendly Easter treats that some kids with food allergies can have. However, since every child’s allergy is different, be sure to check the labels and make sure the treat is ok for your little one.

And of course chocolate shakes are always fun. The amino acid-based formula Neocate Junior is available in a chocolate flavor (it is artificial flavor, so no danger there) that you can mix with ice to make a cool shake. has a bunch of food allergy safe recipes for Easter and I have heard some parents have also used Neocate Chocolate to make some other fun recipes. I’d love to hear about them below if you’re willing to share. Just a word of warning, don’t put Neocate Junior Chocolate or any other amino acid-based formulas in the freezer. (The freezing process doesn’t cause allergic reactions, but it does cause loss of some of the formula’s important nutrients.)

If you have any other fun allergy-free Easter ideas, please share below!

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Published: 03/18/2008
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