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...Holidays and special events tend to include food and spring celebrations are no exception. Whether your family celebrates Easter or Passover, you might be looking for help to ensure that your little one stays safe and enjoys the day. We’ve compiled some tips and food-allergy recipe ideas for today’s post. One fun way to celebrate the holidays is by hosting a tea party! While this might not sound like the traditional celebration, it’s...
...During the Easter season, eggs and chocolate are everywhere! As a parent, you always want to create a fun holiday atmosphere for your child. However, when your child has a food allergy, Easter can be a tough time. Let’s face it, “Easter eggs” and chocolate bunnies are a big part of the celebration! But, with a little bit of creativity, your child can have as many memorable moments and traditions as any other child...
...Easter egg hunts put the fun into Easter Sunday and are a great way to engage kids in physical activity. We LOVE egg hunts! Here are great tips to plan your own allergy-friendly Easter egg hunt this weekend: A win-win-win trade in: Have the kids participating in the egg hunt exchange plastic eggs for prizes of their choice. Prizes can be anything! This way you don’t have to worry about food allergies, stuffing individual...
...Are there babies or toddlers who will have sippy cups, bottles or snacks with foods to which your child would react? When will they play? Schedule the play date so that you don’t have to coordinate a whole meal. Keep in mind that Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas time are all celebrated with an abundance of candy. How do I train caregivers? Caregivers need to be given an overview of food allergies, your child’s...

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