Why I’m Thankful – Part Two

Posted 11.12.09 | Mallory West

You may have read Sarah’s “Why I’m Thankful” post last week. If you missed it, we are doing a series this month where we each share what we are thankful for in our own lives. This week is my turn!

I’m thankful to be living in a time with such advanced medical care. Every day I work with families of children whose lives depend on a special food or a special way of receiving nutrients. It scares me to wonder what happened to these children before we had such technology. Some of our Neocate users are allergic to just about everything. Before there were amino acid-based formulas, how could these children thrive or in some severe cases, even survive?

This issue also touches me on a personal level. My little sister, Caroline, has special needs and has depended on various products of technology throughout her life. When she was little, it was a struggle to get enough calories into her and she grew very weak, falling further and further off the growth charts. Her doctor prescribed Duocal, which allowed her to get enough calories to maintain weight and stay healthy. She now has a feeding tube due to dysphagia (swallowing problems) and she is doing great with it! The development of enteral nutrition has allowed children who can’t physically ingest food to get all the nutrients they need to survive and thrive - another great example of an obstacle that medical advancements have allowed us to overcome!

How have medical advancements/technology been a blessing to your family?

- Mallory

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