When Cookie Dough Becomes Dangerous

Posted 9.10.09 | Mallory West

I came across this article the other day in The Washington Post about a woman in Las Vegas who has been fighting for her life since eating a tube of cookie dough contaminated with E. coli bacteria. The article highlights the real dangers of food contamination. While this is always a concern for those with food allergies who could have severe reactions to food that is contaminated with unknown allergens, the general public now also runs the risk of bacterial contamination in the food supply.

Fortunately, as the article reports, Congress is taking action:

“In July, the House approved legislation that would give the Food and Drug Administration broad new powers and place new responsibilities on food producers. The bill would speed up the ability of health officials to track down the source of an outbreak and give the government the power to mandate a recall, rather than rely on food producers to voluntarily pull tainted products from the shelves.”

This bill also gives the FDA the power to act quickly in response to food that contains undeclared allergens, which is great news for those living with food allergies. Hopefully this important legislation will be passed by Congress and help prevent tragedies like this one.


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