Wait…My Child Needs To Drink Milk To Overcome Milk Allergies?!

Posted 11.6.08 | Nutrition Specialist

Not so fast. Most likely, this is a big “no, no” if you have an infant with a severe milk protein allergy.

Recently, a small study of 19 children was released from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center on oral immunotherapy for allergies. The researchers were able to desensitize children with an allergy to milk protein by giving them a very small amount and gradually increasing the quantity to build up a tolerance.

For those of you with infants, be aware that this study is focused on older kids who can’t have milk, but whose allergies are not severe enough for them to need an elemental formula, like Neocate.

This is also a study that will likely launch other studies.

I wanted to explain that difference for those parents who might have been confused. If your infant has a severe milk protein allergy, please consult your doctor before changing his or her diet.

John Hopkins is currently studying oral immunotherapy in children with an egg allergy.

For more information, check out this Los Angeles Times blog entry.

And as always, feel free to send any questions my way!

- Nita

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