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Posted 6.22.11 | Nutrition Specialist

Last month we launched our redesigned website,! Our goal for the new site is to provide even more support, answers and guidance for your Taken from email announcing website launchfamily’s journey with food allergies.

In case you haven’t visited us online yet, one of the helpful new resources we added to help you find answers about your child’s condition is the Parent’s Toolbox. The applications in the toolbox were designed to help you identify, track and understand the different symptoms your child may be experiencing. 

Below are some of the different ways you can use the Parent’s Toolbox:

Confused about what is “normal” and what could be a sign of food allergies? Use the Symptom Guide and Checklist as a reference.

Knowing what symptoms to look for and understanding what they may mean is the key to finding relief for your child. These tools help you identify symptoms so that you know what to discuss with your doctor and dietitian.

Not sure what that long medical term your doctor just used means? Look it up in the Glossary.

Sometimes it can seem like you need to be an MD to understand your child’s condition with all of the terms that are used. Our glossary breaks everything down so that you can easily understand what everything means.

Want to educate yourself? Visit our Learn About Conditions page.

We’ve got detailed, easy to understand information on what causes conditions like Cow’s Milk Allergy, Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Multiple Food Protein Intolerance, what symptoms are generally associated with each one, and how Neocate can help provide relief.

Don’t forget that you can also connect with the nutrition specialists on the Food Allergy Living blog or at 1-800-NEOCATE for real-time advice and tips.



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