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Posted 9.1.15 | Nutrition Specialist

We like to share great ideas and new tools when we hear about them. We thought this new tool could help a lot of parents and families that manage picky eating. Picky eating is something almost every child goes through, and it can be really tough to know how to manage!

We recently heard about a new app for mobile devices - the Tiny Tastes app. Tiny Tastes is a new mealtime companion app, available in the iTunes App Store for iPad & iPhone and in Google Play for Android tablets & phones. It's available in both English and Spanish!

Tiny Tastes was created to make the mealtime more entertaining and less stressful for the whole family! Tiny Tastes can help by providing some extra encouragement to try new healthy foods or drink certain things by modeling adventuresome eating. For families working with a feeding specialist, Tiny Tastes can be a part of feeding therapy or help your child to reach specific nutrition goals between visits.
How helpful could an app like this be for your family?
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