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Posted 6.3.15 | Nutrition Specialist

For more than 25 years, we’ve been working to meet the changing nutritional, developmental and social needs of children with food allergies. We have always encouraged our community to be strong and not let food allergies get in the way of everyday life. Neocate has stepped in, and tried to make this journey easier for kids and their families with food allergies.

We wanted to reach out to all the members of our community and extend a huge THANK YOU for all of your love and support. We receive messages from all around the world that thank us for being the only age-specific range of amino acid-based products which has proven to be effective in the nutritional management of food allergies and associated GI conditions. 

Your testimonials positively encourage us and reinforce the strong support Neocate receives from the food allergy community. By sharing your little one's success story of how Neocate has helped with their food allergies, you can help raise awareness about these conditions that still remain unknown to a few. Parents need to be informed that diagnosis and relief are possible. Most of all, it will give real hope to other families who are facing similar difficulties.



We promise and assure you that your story will be treated with respect on our Neocate website, our Food Allergy Living blogFacebook page and other public education materials. We would also love if you shared fun photos of your little ones with us and our community. Pictures help other parents like you see the difference Neocate can bring to their children.

Please submit testimonials and your cutie's pictures here. We can’t wait to hear and share your Neocate story! 

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