Reminder for Our Neocate Infant Original Families

Posted 5.22.12 | Nutrition Specialist


As you know, in 2008 we introduced Neocate Infant DHA & ARA.  DHA and ARA are two fatty acids naturally found in breast milk that have been shown to help promote brain and eye development.  The addition of DHA and ARA does not change the other properties of the formula (i.e. taste, texture, hypoallergenicity), but it does provide an extra boost to benefit your little one!  As a consequence, in October 2011, Nutricia North America announced and began the discontinuation of Neocate Infant original and over the past few months we’ve been proactively transitioning original formulation families toNeocate Infant DHA & ARA

We wanted to remind you of this and let you know that we have run through all of our stock of the Neocate Infant original.  We are no longer selling the Neocate Infant without DHA and ARA.

We encourage you to discuss alternative options such as, Neocate Infant DHA & ARAwith your child’s doctor or dietitian.  Or, if your child is over the age of 1 year, we have Neocate Junior Unflavored or Neocate Junior Unflavored with Prebiotic fiber.

If you have further questions or need assistance with transitioning, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-NEOCATE (Monday through Friday 8:30 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. EST)and ask to speak with our nutrition specialists.


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