Rainy Day = Fun Day

Posted 7.28.15 | Nutrition Specialist

Oh the weather outside is frightful, so let’s make inside delightful! No need for gloom and doom just because there are dark clouds and raindrops and you’re ‘stuck’ inside. There is a lot of FUN to be had in the great indoors! Following are some ideas and resources for three types of activities: relaxing, creative, and energetic. Choose from one or a combination of several to make a rainy day worth remembering and possibly repeating. 


  • BOOKS- Grab a favorite blanket and a book (or several of each) and cuddle up and hunker down for some reading.  Read to one another.  Start a story of your own!  That’s right, make it up and have everyone participate and keep it going.  Needs some help?  This website offers suggestions for getting the story started and keeping it going. http://www.kidactivities.net/category/Literacy-Games-and-Creative-Story-Telling.aspx
  • BOARD GAMES- why not make these a standard for rainy days?  Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Life, Checkers,  etc. Many have  been around a long time and are a good way to engage with other at the kitchen table or on the living room floor .  They offer a nice alternative to TV and tech gadgets! Check out this site for a list of 92 of the best board games http://www.listchallenges.com/92-best-board-games-of-all-time
  • MOVIE TIME- Have everyone choose 1-2 of their favorite movies from your home collection, place all into a bag and have the youngest person reach in and choose the movie of the day. This site offers some great suggestions that are child and family oriented.  http://www.parenting.com/gallery/best-movies-for-families
  • Puzzles, card games and even writing letters may be other quiet type options.


A few ‘creative’ activities I’ve had great success with my girls include:

NOTE:  This could be a fort or a castle!

  • Creating a Family Recipe book.  Scour your recipe boxes, cookbooks , food magazines or brainstorm.  Make recipe cards where everyone has a say on their mealtime favorites and recipe card design.  You can keep this simple or use recipe and cookbook templates available on line.  Lots of ideas tobe found here: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/cookbook-template/

If you like art crafts, check out these sites for oodles of suggestions!


Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t be energetic.  Here are some ideas for some active activities:

  • Yoga! With many poses bearing animal names, this is sure to be a favorite with many. 
  • The game of Twister- hands, feet and colored circles. This game is fun for kids of ALL ages!
  • Dance Party! Choose your favorite radio station, take turns playing favorite songs from CDs, or perhaps songs with rain as the theme or in the song title. Shake, shimmy and let yourself go as you sing, laugh and dance to the music!

Resources for these are plentiful.

Rainy Day?  Just another opportunity for a fun day, indoors! What do you do to stay busy during rainy days?

-Jody L. Benitz, MS, RDN


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