“One of the Gang”

Posted 12.2.08 | Christine Graham-Garo

One of our favorite allergy moms, Gina Clowes, has recently released her first book called “One of the Gang.” As an allergy parent, I’m sure you have worried about the possibility that your child might feel left out from time to time, especially at events that center around food. Gina felt the same way after walking into school one day and seeing her son sitting by himself at a school birthday party while all of the other kids had ice cream and cake together.

She wanted her son, as well as all of the other allergy kids out there, to feel like they were “one of the gang.” The book has inspirational stories from successful allergy sufferers around the country, ranging from sports figures to fashion icons.

For more on Gina’s new book, click here.

Gina is the founder of AllergyMoms.com, a great online support group for allergy parents. She has also written several guest blogs for us here at Baby Health blog. Click here to read the most recent one.

- Christine

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