Milk Allergies in the News

Posted 4.29.09 | Nutrition Specialist

Here’s an interesting article from the Potomac Gazette about a Maryland food allergy family that nicely highlights the need for better diagnosis of infant milk allergies.

However, I wish the reporter would have explained further hypoallergenic formulas and the differences between hydrolysate formulas and elemental formulas. In the article, Victoria Goldberg, mother of two boys who were allergic to milk as babies, mentions that the hypoallergenic formula she gave her oldest still caused a reaction. That’s likely because it was a hypoallergenic hydrolysate.

Hydrolysate formulas (i.e. Nutramigen, Alimentum) contain protein chains that are partially broken down, which makes it easier to digest than typical baby formula. However, sometimes that’s not enough. Some babies need elemental formula (i.e. Neocate) that contain individual amino acids (the building blocks of protein) instead of protein chains.

I think understanding this distinction is key – especially since it can mean the difference between a sick, miserable baby and a happy, healthy baby.

- Nita

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