It’s National Food Safety Education Month…

Posted 9.11.08 | Nutrition Specialist

And what a perfect time to start blogging! My name is Ulrike Reichert, and I’m joining the baby health blog team. I’m very excited to start blogging and looking forward to getting to know the online allergy community a little better.

Here’s some information about me:
I studied nutrition and received my degree from the University of Bonn in Germany. Since then, I’ve truly enjoyed the medical side of nutrition which is partly why I came to Nutricia North America. I’ve been there for the past 11 years and now manage our Nutrition Services Department. Along the way, I’ve also had two beautiful children, my 7-year-old son Julian and my 2-year-old daughter Isabella.

In over 12 years of working in the nutrition field, I have gained a lot of experience about food allergies. And with September being National Food Safety Education Month (NFSEM), it’s an exciting time to bring allergy awareness to the rest of the world. I love taking care of our customers and helping them with their needs, so this year’s theme is perfect for me. It’s "Take Action to Prevent an Allergic Reaction." When it comes to being an allergy parent, there is nothing more important than that!

I am sure you all know how challenging it can be to go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner with a little allergic kid, so I am thrilled to see that the Restaurant Association is taking this issue seriously. The NFSEM web site has great educational posters and activities that emphasize the importance of food allergy awareness. Check out their material—it can easily be used to hand out when you go out for a dinner or for your daycare or school cafeteria.

Click here for another good site to share with anyone interested in food allergy information. It gives some great tips for all types of food allergies and even has food allergy materials for children.

I receive calls from parents on a daily basis worried about all things food allergies. There is nothing better than when, at the end of the call, you can hear the relief in their voices because we’ve helped them understand allergies a little bit better. This month, you can help too! Share food allergy information to help keep all the allergy little one’s out there safe.

I am very excited about all of my upcoming entries. 

- Ulrike

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