In the News: Physicians Lack Food Allergies Knowledge

Posted 12.17.09 | Christine Graham-Garo

Dr. Ruchi S. Gupta Earlier this week, I ran across this article from UPI, “Physicians lack food allergies knowledge.” The article talks about a study led by Dr. Ruchi Gupta at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Dr. Gupta and her team interviewed 400 pediatricians and family doctors and found that many of them held misconceptions about food allergies. Many even self-reported that they weren’t comfortable with diagnosis and treatment of food allergies.

Here at Nutricia we, of course, greatly value the care that physicians and other healthcare providers provide to so many food allergy families. But we’ve also heard some parents lament how long it took to get their child the right diagnosis ― and therefore, treatment.

What is your experience? Do you feel like your pediatrician “gets” your child’s food allergies? If not, what do you think the food allergy community (families, researchers/experts, support groups, non-profit organizations and companies like Nutricia) can/should do to help improve understanding of food allergies?

- Christine

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