Hope For a Milk Allergy Cure at Children’s Hospital Boston

Posted 9.10.09 | Nutrition Specialist

A new Milk Allergy Desensitization study is being conducted at Children’s Hospital Boston. Cameras followed the first patient to participate in the study, Brett Nasuti, along the way. Brett is 11 years old and was born with allergies to 15 different foods, including a severe milk allergy.

The first video in this three part series features Brett and his mother Robin talking about the challenges the family faces living with his milk allergy. In the second video Dr. Lynda Schneider, MD, the Allergy Program Director, discusses the details of her groundbreaking study and how the clinical trial works. Finally, in the third video we get to watch as Brett takes his first “sips” of milk to test his tolerance.

You’ll have to watch the videos to see the outcome of Brett’s first experience with milk, but this little guy has a great attitude throughout the process. Hopefully this study will bring new hope and a cure for food allergies!


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