Happy Registered Dietitian Day!

Posted 3.13.12 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

Not only is March National Nutrition Month, but Wednesday, March 14th is Registered Dietitian Day in the United States! (Wednesday, March 21st is National Dietitians Day in Canada.) You’d almost think they planned it that way.

What do Registered Dietitians need a “Day?”

Registered Dietitian Day, or RD Day, is a chance to recognize RDs for the hard work they do throughout the year as food and nutrition experts. Many Neocate families have worked closely with a dietitian because of their little one’s medical conditions, so they may realize more than others how important dietitians are. Many RDs put in long hours doing difficult work to help others lead healthier lives. The majority of dietitians work in hospitals, clinics, or in the community. Having a day to thank them just makes sense! We at Nutricia are especially thankful for RDs. Our products are practically in a field of their own - specialized medical nutrition – and require the help of RDs. We also employ quite a lot of RDs, since they have such specialized medical nutrition knowledge.

How can we celebrate?

The best thing to do on RD day is to thank your RD! If you’re looking to do something more, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has some suggestions, such as a handwritten note or flowers. Maybe you have a family friend who is an RD? Take a few minutes to write them an email thanking them for their hard work. If your family has worked with an RD, this is the perfect time of year to thank them for all of their help. And, of course, if you can’t thank them on actual RD Day, just thank them the next time you see them!

Is there an RD you’ll thank who has been particularly helpful to your family?

- Rob

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