Guest Blog: Eva’s Story

Posted 8.19.08 | Guest Blogger

We would like to thank Chris Kozimor for guest blogging for us and sharing her family's allergy story.

I became a mother, I had heard all the stories of how hard it is to have a baby and how you don’t get any sleep. So when my daughter, Eva, was born and cried all the time, I thought it was normal.

I actually had friends tell me that they’ve decided not to have children after seeing how awful I looked and how Eva just kept crying and crying! She would only sleep 10 minutes at a time. Everything I fed her just came up and made her unhappy. My sister nicknamed her “the angry red star” because she would turn red and her legs and arms would stick out and she would just scream.

I eventually stopped breastfeeding, thinking that maybe she was just not liking my milk. But still, I was warned that having a baby was challenging and difficult so I just thought I had a normal baby.

Then, Eva started developing a horrible diaper rash that wouldn’t go away, no matter what type of ointment or medicine I put on her. It got to the point that she would scream every time she went to the bathroom (which is frequent for a newborn!). I called the pediatrician who recommended I put Eva on Nutramigen, as well as to try to let her sleep in the car seat to ease her reflux. It was better, but Eva was still not a happy baby and her diaper rash did not go away.

Finally, after months of guilt and worry that I was just not a good mother, I talked to the pediatrician. After being even on Nutramigen, she tested Eva’s stool for blood, which came out positive. We went to a pediatric GI doctor who put her on Neocate. Within a week, her diaper rash completely disappeared and her spitting up improved. She stopped crying all the time and actually started sleeping! The blood in her stool was gone. She was happy and healthy.

I felt like a confident normal mother for the first time in 5 months! And it was so wonderful to enjoy my happy healthy baby.

-Chris Kozimor

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