Food Safety Getting Even More Media Attention

Posted 4.21.09 | Christine Graham-Garo

Last week, my fellow blogger wrote an entry on the latest issues in food safety brought to light with the peanut and pistachio scares. This continues to be a topic covered by the mainstream media, and I think this continued focus is great for raising awareness about food safety and hopefully will benefit the food allergy community who is always on high alert.

Here are a few follow up articles on the food safety topic that are worth reading:

“Local, State Agencies Lack Resources to Ensure Food Safety” in the Washington Post: This article is on a study by the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services that determined that local and state health officials ¾ not federal ¾ are the ones doing the bulk of the food safety work. However, their performance is lacking because of scarce resources and weak leadership from the federal government. To read the entire study, click here.

“To Fill Food Safety Gap, Processors Pay Inspectors” in the New York Times: This article discusses the industry specific need for agency oversight when it comes to food safety that wasn’t provided for them by the federal government. Therefore, many industries sought out their own agencies for oversight. However, many food safety experts are now troubled with leaving safety standards to industry discretion.

Food safety affects all of us, and we can only hope that this increased awareness will put pressure on the government to make food safety a top priority.

Have you read any interesting articles on this topic?

- Christine

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