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Posted 4.9.09 | Nutrition Specialist

While it makes me sad to see stories like Teddy’s, a 4-year-old boy with extreme food allergies who was featured on last week, I am also glad to see that food allergy stories are getting more coverage. And that means that food allergy awareness is growing, which is a great thing.

Teddy is allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts, and has to stay away from all places where allergen exposure is possible - that means no baseball games or ice cream parlors. However, Teddy’s parents have worked hard to keep him safe, and have even found several foods that are safe for him to eat: meats, vegetables, fruits and most grains.

While it’s been hard for Teddy and his family, they are making it work. I particularly like their idea of labeling the foods in their house with stickers so they know what’s “Teddy safe” and what’s not.

To read the entire story on, click here.

As we know, food allergies are on the rise. However, as awareness increases, hopefully safety measures will increase as well.

For more food allergy safety tips, click here to read an entry my fellow blogger wrote on a new food allergy safety resource.

Do you have any interesting food allergy safety tips?

- Nita

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