eBay Scam Follow-up

Posted 3.12.09 | Christine Graham-Garo
A few months ago, my fellow blogger wrote an entry on online formula scams. A man from Omaha, Nebraska was selling Neocate on eBay to parents, but after making the sale never shipped the formula. Luckily, they caught the man back then but his sentence was just announced.Joseph A. Boylan, 33, was charged with one count of a felony theft by deception and was sentenced to five years probation.

To read the entire article, click here.

  • This is just a friendly reminder about the dangers of buying formula from bidding sites:
  • While you might find prices to be slightly cheaper on these sites, you have no way of verifying who is selling you the product;
  • The formula may not have been stored properly, which could cause the ingredients to be altered;
  • The person selling the formula could have tampered with the product making it dangerous for your little one to drink; and
  • The formula could be expired.

To be on the safe side, purchase your formula from the manufacturer’s Web site or from your local pharmacy so that you are confident that the formula is safe and that you are getting what you ordered.

- Christine

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