Double Check Labels and Expiration Dates Please!

Posted 6.20.08 | Sarah O'Brien

Milk in bottled water! CVS selling expired baby formula! Recently, there have been a few news stories that are quite shocking.

As an allergy parent, you’re a pro at reading food labels. However, most people wouldn’t think to check the label on a bottle of water. Now, you might have to. Click here to check out the article on Allergy Moms. Apparently, Special K Protein Water contains milk!

Some people are big on checking expirations dates. However, others don’t think twice about it. This is causing a big stir in New York where both CVS and Rite Aid have been selling expired products. Click here to read the article from Reuters. The expired products being sold included milk, eggs, baby formula, cold medicines, allergy treatments and other over-the-counter medicines.

It’s important to remember to be a conscious consumer -- especially when shopping for your little one! If a bottle of water has milk in it, I wonder what else does?

- Sarah

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