Dangers of Food Allergies

Posted 12.19.07 | Nutrition Specialist

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My name is Marybeth Savko and, like April, I am also a nutrition specialist at Nutricia North America.

I recently read an article on CNN.com that reminded me so much of the stories I hear from parents every day. In “My son's food allergies: danger every day,” CNN staffer Jo Parker recounts her story of discovering her little boy Teddy’s multiple life-threatening food allergies.

Her tale covers everything from projectile vomiting, skin rashes and elimination diet woes to allergy testing and well-meaning relatives and daycare providers who just don’t quite understand the scope of the issue.

The other two issues that really came through in her piece were 1) how parents so often blame themselves for all this and 2) the constant vigilance that having a child with a food allergy requires.

On the first topic, let me just ask all you parents out there to, please, cut yourselves a break. Food allergies are still, in many ways, mystifying conditions – even to the medical community. After all, more and more kids are affected and healthcare professionals aren’t sure why. You simply cannot agonize over what may or may not have triggered these allergies for your child. And, as at so many times in our lives, it’s always better to look forward than to look back.

The constant vigilance, though, is important. And frustrating. Who would have thought that a vaccine would contain egg? And when did the craft corner become such a mine field?

In addition to the items that Ms. Parker mentioned in her article, if you click here you’ll find a list of some of the many products that, often to our surprise, contain potential food allergens.


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