Can my child have an allergic reaction from a medicine or vaccine?

Posted 2.18.09 | Nutrition Specialist

Unfortunately, the answer might be yes. Recently, Kids with Food Allergies dedicated part of their monthly e-newsletter to articles and resources on potential food allergens in medication and vaccines. The information was very informative and is something I encourage all allergy parents to read and be aware of.

Prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as vaccines, can contain food allergens as inactive ingredients. While a generic form of a drug must be chemically equivalent to its brand name counterpart — and therefore have the same active ingredients — it does not have to contain the same inactive ingredients as its brand name equivalent. Some of these inactive ingredients may be derived from potential food allergens.

All the more reason to read all food labels and packaging inserts carefully. And speak with your child’s allergist regarding the safety of vaccines and medications to ensure your child doesn’t have a surprise reaction.

To read the entire e-newsletter, click here.

And to see a list of e-newsletter topics from Kids with Food Allergies, click here.

I encourage you to check them out!

- Nita

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