A new device that scans your foods for hidden allergens

Posted 3.11.14 | Christine Graham-Garo

I was at a Nutrition Conference a few months ago. After one of the sessions was done, I went to leave the auditorium. As I was leaving, someone was passing out flyers. I took a flyer and didn’t really read it until a few minutes later. I was very surprised by what I initially read, so surprised I had to read it twice.

The flyer was about a product called Tellspec. This handy little devise is a scanner that scans your food and tells you how many calories and other ingredients is in your food. It can even explain what weird sounding ingredients are. But most interestingly, Tellspec can scan your foods for allergens! Now, I have not used this before, so I cannot comment on its accuracy, but it claims that the scanner can detect allergens such as gluten, milk soy ect, in a given meal. It basically goes beyond the label to give you very detailed information about the ingredients in your food. It works on all kinds of foods; vegetables, mixed casseroles, drinks and even through plastic food packaging, perfect when you are at the store! It links to your smart phone to tell you all the information you need including the amount of trans fat or even mercury in a meal.

The product was created by the company’s CEO who’s daughter has a gluten intolerance and other food allergies. This product seems very innovative to me. It really brings a whole new light to understanding the foods we eat. It seems to be a step in the right direction for people with food allergies who struggle with hidden allergens. Since this is a very new product, I’m sure with time, science will be enhanced to make Tellspec even more precise. Once I saw this innovative product, I thought automatically of all the food allergy kids and families that may be interested in such a device.  You visit their website to read more and watch videos on their product at tellspec.com.

Has anyone seen one of these at work? Where you impressed by it? Do you feel this is a vital tool for the future of food allergy management?


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