Owen’s Story

Patient History

From the day he was born, Owen had reflux that agitated his stomach and made him cry in pain all day and night. The family doctor attributed Owen’s symptoms to an immature digestive system and told the family to allow time for his system to fully develop. For the parents, waiting was impossible because their child was constantly screaming in pain.

“It was an unbearable situation to see my son in such pain and to never be able to rest because he was crying all the time,” said Owen’s father Craig.


Nutritional Management and Outcome

For two months, the family could not sleep or even talk because of Owen’s constant crying. They tried different burping and feeding techniques to ease their son’s discomfort, but to no avail. Their doctor prescribed acid reflux medicine, but Owen was still miserable. The couple also tried a variety of hydrolysate infant formulas, which consist of protein chains that have been broken into smaller pieces, to attempt to calm their son’s agitated stomach.

Finally, a friend at a neighborhood clinic suggested they try Neocate, an amino acid-based formula used to treat infants and children with an allergy to milk proteins. Unlike the hydrolysate formula, an amino-acid based formula is comprised of individual non-allergenic amino acids.

After just three days of Neocate, Owen’s parents noticed that he was not crying as often and his acid reflux was significantly less.A happy healthy Owen after using Neocate

Six weeks after using Neocate, Owen’s milk allergy and acid reflux symptoms disappeared. “Before Neocate, nothing worked,” says Owen’s father Craig. “Now he is a happy, cooing, smiling little boy!”



After two months of myriad infant formulas, burping techniques, and reflux medicines, Owen’s parents finally found relief for their son’s stomach pains and reflux in Neocate.