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Baby Poop: What’s Normal and What’s Not?
...start on an amino acid-based hypoallergenic formula like Neocate, it may take up to 2-3 weeks for their gut to adjust and to find their “new normal.” Color, consistency, and frequency of bowel movements can differ. The type of feeding, either breastfeed or formula, as well as the mother’s diet matter as well. Below are some general guidelines to help you with your diaper content-related expectations. WHAT COLOR AND CONSISTENCY SHOULD BABY POOP BE? Your...
Can My Milk-Allergic Infant Keep Breastfeeding? – Breastfeeding with food allergies
...amount of calories and nutrients they need to continue to grow and develop from a hypoallergenic formula. However, this can also present some challenges. Babies often have a hard time switching between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. I hear from many mothers in this situation that the baby will often prefer one feeding over the other, and usually the baby prefers breast milk. For example moms have told me that their baby drinks well when they...
Signs and Symptoms for Using Amino Acid-Based Formulas for Cow Milk Allergy
...Signs and symptoms for using Amino Acid-Based formulas can vary. When a baby first shows possible signs and symptoms of a cow milk allergy, parents wonder, how do doctors diagnose it and how they choose the best management option. Let us review potential indicators healthcare professionals could look to determine if hypoallergenic amino acid-based formulas (AAF), like Neocate, can help manage cow milk allergy. Available Types of Baby Formula First, let’s review available types...
...need 24 hours to get things done with no time left over to sleep. It’s a given, then, that we look for ways and devices to help simplify parenting. If you’ve ever had to mix formula in the middle of the night for a crying infant, you know the struggle is real. Companies have responded with appliances that can steam and puree baby foods, wash and dry baby bottles, and also makeup bottles of infant...
Baby Rashes from A to Z (Acne to Eczema!) and When Is It a Milk Allergy?
...vary in size and can at times connect to create a more significant swelling. They often go away within 24 hours but are still no fun. It’s important to avoid whatever substance or food triggers hives. Symptoms and treatments of hives. Rash – Baby rashes A rash is a generic term that describes some itchiness or irritation of the skin. Your doctor would be the best resource to look and narrow down what a rash...
About Neocate
We are Nutricia, and we believe in the power of nutrition to make a positive and proven difference to health. Our purpose inspires us every day: to pioneer nutritional discoveries that help people of every age live longer, healthier lives. Since 1896 we, at Nutricia, have been creating advanced medical nutrition for our consumers, and those who care for...
Traveling with Neocate – Ready, Set, Go! to add extra for any unexpected delay you might encounter. For example, a Neocate family contacted us because their plane was delayed in a different country and ran out of the formula. Without a buffer of formula, they had to look for a local pharmacy to get a refill. Save yourself the stress and headaches by planning and packing extra. Example how to calculate how much Neocate you might need on your trip: First,...
Back to School With Food Allergies
Summer is winding down, and it’s time to start helping your children prepare for their return to class and food allergy. Your school might have sent school supply lists, teacher assignments, and schedule for school nights. Now, it’s time to create your own food allergy checklist. Whether your child is returning to the classroom or attending for the first time, here are some things to help make sure they have a successful,...

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