Is Neocate Kosher?

s highly Q: Our family keeps kosher, and we just found out that my child needs Neocate and Duocal. I know some formulas aren’t kosher, can you tell me if your products are, and which kosher certifications they have?

A: Sure! Neocate Infant has been certified kosher pareve since 2013. Read more to about Neocate Infant Kosher status. Several flavors of Neocate Junior have been certified kosher pareve. Customers can contact Neocate Nutrition Services team to request a copy of the certificates.

Nutricia has not sought official kosher certification for other Neocate products or Duocal at this time.

However, the Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din (KLBD), an independent, leading authority on kosher food and Jewish Law, informally recognizes some of Nutricia’s other products as kosher-appropriate. That is not the same as kosher certification. 

You can search the KLBD UK online database to see how Nutricia products or their equivalent are listed in the database with the following results:

Nutricia product: US Kosher status: Search term: Search results and Notes:
Neocate® Infant DHA/ARA Certified Kosher Pareve


Neocate LCP (in the UK) and Neocate DHA/ARA (in the US) are both certified kosher pareve by the KLBD.
Contact our Nutrition Services team to request a copy of the KLBD certificate for this product.
Neocate® Syneo® Infant Not certified


Neocate Syneo Infant is made in the same facility and has the same ingredients as Neocate Infant DHA/ARA, plus added prebiotics and probiotics. However, at this time Neocate Syneo Infant has not been certified.
Neocate® Junior Several are Certified Kosher Pareve

Other flavors not yet certified


Neocate Junior Unflavored, Chocolate, Tropical and Unflavored with Prebiotics in the US have been certified kosher pareve by KLBD.
Contact our Nutrition Services team to request a copy of the KLBD certificate for this product.

Other Neocate Junior formulas for children are made in the same facility and have been informally Pareve – Approved by KLBD. However, at this time only the flavors of Neocate Junior listed above have been certified.

Neocate® Splash Not certified


Elemental 028 liquid in the UK is similar to Neocate Splash and made in the same facility and has been informally Pareve – Approved by KLBD. However, at this time Neocate Splash has not been certified.
Neocate® Nutra Not certified


Neocate Spoon in the UK is the same as Neocate Nutra and has been informally

Pareve – Approved by KLBD.

 However, at this time Neocate Nutra has not been certified.
Duocal® Not certified


Duocal powder in the UK is similar to Duocal, is made in the same facility, and has been informally Pareve – Approved by KLBD. However, at this time Duocal has not been certified.

As we receive customer calls, we will continue to evaluate the decision to have other Nutricia products certified kosher.

Some customers ask specific questions about taurine, an ingredient in Neocate products. Most commercial products use natural taurine, derived from pork, which is NOT kosher. We use synthetic taurine, which is kosher-appropriate.

None of the Neocate products are certified kosher for passover. We’re not experts in what foods or ingredients qualify as chametz or kitniyot, so the best thing to do would be to contact your Rabbi to discuss this with them. It may help to know that none of the Neocate products use ingredients derived from wheat. Both Neocate Splash and Neocate Nutra are gluten free based on regularly testing. All Neocate products use carbohydrates and derived from corn (and Neocate Nutra includes highly refined rice starch). Share this information with Rabbi, to clarify any doubts about Koshers certification. 

Kosher and Food Allergies

You can look for the kosher symbol on a product, which is usually some variation on the letter U or K. This indicates that the food has been inspected by a kosher-certifying body. If it has a “D” or the word “dairy” next to it, this means that it either contains dairy or was made on shared equipment with dairy. If the kosher symbol has an “m” or the word “meat” next to it, this product contains meat or was made on shared equipment with meat. Finally, if it has “pareve” written next to it, it contains neither milk nor meat, and was made on dedicated equipment that is not used with dairy or meat. (Fish is commonly classified as “neutral” or “pareve” so keep this in mind if your little one has fish/shellfish allergies.)

Don’t forget that kosher labels may not always take cross-contamination into account so it’s possible that there are traces of milk proteins in a product even though it is not labeled as “dairy.” So if something has a kosher symbol listing “meat” or “pareve,” you should still read the ingredients closely or call the manufacturer and not assume it is 100% dairy-free.

For even more information about food allergies and keeping kosher visit our friend Tamar’s blog Kosher With Food Allergies.

Last updated May, 2019

Published: 10/12/2017
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