Tips for Raising Food Allergy Socially Aware Children

Posted 2.20.14 | Nutrition Specialist

With an increase in food allergies these days, it is extremely important that today’s youth fully understand the ramifications food allergies pose on those affected. However, this is a lot easier said than done. How do we get through to our little ones the seriousness of food allergies? in the US and in Canada have great education and awareness offerings. On these websites you can find very simplified but informative presentations which can be offered to kids in elementary school, or teens in high school, regarding the significance of food allergies and what to do if their classmate or friend is experiencing an allergic reaction. They have really nice posters which can be displayed in classrooms or organizations, as well as bookmarks for a constant reminder throughout a child’s day. Our favorite find on the site is these adorable “PAL™ Hero Awards”, which can be handed out to a child when they are observed promoting food allergy awareness.

Another fantastic website to check out is Allergy Home. They have a large array of really nice posters, which can be downloaded for free and displayed anywhere in classrooms or organizations too. In addition to the free posters on this site, there is also a 4½ minute learning module on food allergies for elementary school-aged children.

You can review the learning pieces on these websites alone with your child, or bring it to the attention of your child’s teacher so that they may be used as a learning activity in school. Suggest bringing these posters and bookmarks to the classroom to increase the safety of those affected with food allergies.

Do you have any suggestions to help increase the awareness of food allergies for today’s youth? If so, please share!

-Linda Leuffgen, RD
Nutrition Specialist

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