It’s Time For An Allergy-Free Passover

Tomorrow night is Passover and you have family visiting and friends coming over for the holiday. However, with an allergy-prone little one, you might be concerned about how to have a traditional, yet allergy-free event.

Kids With Food Allergies (KWFA) put together a great booklet to help you plan a successful, allergy-free celebration. The booklet gives suggestions on preparation for the Seder, activities for the Seder, recipes to use during Passover and a list of allergy-free resources.

My favorite section of this resource is the activity ideas for the Seder. Particularly, I like the idea of creating a fun trivia game with your children for your family and guests. This is a great way for your children to focus on the fun, not the food, during Passover! As KWFA suggests, you can make it as simple as putting questions on index cards or you can create a more intricate board game.

To read the entire booklet, click here.

Another great resource to use for allergy-free Passover preparation is Living Without, a magazine specifically for people with food allergies and sensitivities. The April edition of the magazine includes the article, “Sensitive to Passover,” which has great allergy-free baking tips.

How are you having an allergy-free Passover?

Christine Graham-Garo

Published: 04/07/2009
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