Keeping your child safe could be as easy as reading a food label

Posted 5.9.08 | Nutrition Specialist

Food shopping for your family can be tough. You want to keep everyone happy and healthy at the same time. With children, this can be extra hard with all the cookies and candies out there! And if you are parent of a kid with a food allergy you have to be especially careful!

As an allergy parent, you know one little drop of the food your child is allergic to could be devastating for them. Therefore, it’s extremely important to take the time to read through all food labels, slowly but surely. This is one of the best ways to safely manage your child’s food allergies.

A common mistake parents make is thinking that a product’s claim to be “allergy-free” means that the product is safe for their kids. Unfortunately, these products are most likely “allergy-friendly” and could contain some less common allergens – which your child might just be allergic to!

So how do you keep your child safe? Gina Clowes lists some helpful tips for consumers buying allergy-friendly products at the bottom of this press release.

Just another allergy safety reminder for you and your family!

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