“Colic” or a Milk Allergy?

Posted 11.29.07 | Nutrition Specialist

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Thanks for checking out our blog! My name is April Romano and I am a nutrition specialist for Nutricia North America.

Everyday I get calls from worried parents asking about allergies that affect babies and kids. A lot of the time the pediatrician has told the mom or dad that their baby has “colic.” The baby is usually restless, agitated and it is crying and crying for hours on end with no apparent reason.

No one knows the true “cause of colic.” But many times the baby actually has a milk allergy and that is what is causing her misery. Too often this is overlooked. But when you look at the symptoms you can understand why – many really look like just typical bumps on the road of baby-hood.

You can click here for a list of the eight most common symptoms:

If you have a “colicky” baby and some symptoms look familiar, talk to the pediatrician.

In the meantime, here’s some info on milk allergy:

Babies with a milk allergy can’t process the milk protein chains found in milk-based baby formula, which can cause gastrointestinal, skin and/or respiratory symptoms. To make the baby feel better, you can either eliminate all milk proteins from your diet if you are a nursing or replace her regular milk-based formula with an amino acid-based formula.

So, anybody out there been through this? How did you get your baby’s milk allergy diagnosed? Any lessons learned for other parents in the same boat?

I’d love to hear from you.

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  • 2012-05-29 | Karen Neill

    It does sound so familiar! My daughter was ‘colicky’, but didn’t quite meet the criteria for true colic. She diagnosed herself at 6 weeks. I was breast feeding and using formula to supplement, and she out and out refused the formula- she would try a bottle- and if it had breast milk in it, she’d happily guzzle it down, but not so for the formula. We switched to soy, and she loved that, for 6 weeks, and the same thing happened! We switched to another hypoallergenic formula, which worked until she was two, at which point a severe reaction to blueberries made her start to react to that as well- and she now drinks Neocate for about half of her nutrition. My advice to mom’s suffering along with their ‘colicky’ baby- listen to your baby- he or she will tell you what works! I was fortunate (?) to have food allergies myself, and have a sister, a sister-in-law and two nephews all of whom had milk protien allergies as infants, one of whom also was allergic to soy. Knowing their experiences made it so much easier for me to consider the possibility of allergies- and to know what to try next, and to not accept ‘colic’. We came to Neocate Jr. later than many do- but it has made the last year go so well!!!

  • 2012-05-30 | Christine Graham-Garo

    Thank you, Karen, for the helpful comment. Hopefully this will help other families in similar scenarios. Again, thanks for sharing!  Christine

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