Asthma Medication Aids in Immunotherapy for Food Allergies.

Posted 3.27.14 | Christine Graham-Garo

On a similar topic to a blog I did on Food Allergy Reversal, another study has recently came out showing an asthma drug accelerates the process of desensitizing patients with food allergies to several foods at the same time. The study was done by researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford. The study provides the first scientific evidence that a promising new method for treating people with multiple food allergies works.

Patients took the asthma drug and became desensitized to multiple food allergens within 18 weeks; those who did not take the asthma drug took 85 weeks to become desensitized.

Oral immunotherapy is still experimental and is a slow process, generally. In other studies, patients took as long as 3 years to become desensitized to 1 food. So not only did these researches desensitize patients to multiple foods at once, they also quickened the time with the use of the asthma drug injections.

Science is so interesting. :)

  • Christine

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