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Posted 11.4.14 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

Every now and then we hear about or stumble on a new product that we feel is worth sharing with our readers. This week we wanted to let you know about various labels for food allergies that are made by a company called 

Name Bubbles. You can view the various food allergy alert labels they make here

We like these labels because they're easy to understand and hard to miss. The larger labels include room for your contact information, and all are waterproof, which a lot of homemade labels are not. That makes them ideal for food storage containers that you send to school, to daycare or on play dates. Not only are typical adhesive labels available, but they also offer wristbands, which are a great idea for small children. While the labels Name Bubbles sells cost more than homemade labels, Name Bubbles has committed 20% of proceeds related to allergy label purchases to FARE this year - pretty impressive!

Aside from stickers and labels, how do you communicate food allergies to friends and/or strangers?



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  • 2014-11-09 | Hui ping Jiang

    How can I get the free sample?

  • 2014-11-10 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

    Hi Hui ping Jiang,

    If you are looking for a sample of the allergy labels, you can try contacting the Name Bubbles company.

    If you are looking for a sample of a Neocate product, please ask your healthcare team.

    Kind regards,

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