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...Recycling Neocate cans, as we’ve mentioned before, is part of reducing our impact on the Earth. That’s why we encourage everyone to reuse or recycle their Neocate cans. The best part about recycling is that it can be a family activity, and there are plenty of ways to get your kids excited about it all. Recycling Neocate Cans Did you know that all empty Neocate product cans are recyclable, as well as the Splash...
...Over the past few weeks, we’ve provided you with tips for recycling or reusing your metal Neocate cans. But what about the accessories: the lids and the scoops? In our recent recycling blog, we mentioned that the lids from Neocate (and Duocal!) cans can be recycled. This might vary, though, based on where you live. To be sure you can recycle the lids, check with your local municipality or curbside recycling pickup company. The...
...We’ve written before about recycling Neocate cans as well as recycling Neocate lids and scoops. We’ve also shared some ideas for getting creative with Neocate cans in arts and crafts. But have you ever considered “upcycling” Neocate cans at the holidays? We got this idea from an EoE family that we met at the annual APFED patient conference. They told us that money was tight one year, so they found ways to reuse the...

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