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...added to various infant formulas in the US include: M-16 breve. B Lactics Bb-12. B. B. longum BB536 Reuteri DSM 17938 L. L. rhamnosus GG HN0001. L. rhamnosus In the Neocate family of products, Neocate Syneo Infant is supplemented with the probiotic B. breve M-16V. It also contains the prebiotics scFOS and lcFOS. “synbiotic: is the combination of Prebiotics and Probiotics.” We hope these posts explain the difference between prebiotics vs probiotics! What questions do...
Going to Preschool Or Daycare with Food Allergies
...teachers or new employees. Your child’s teacher or caregivers will thank you! Make this cheat sheet short, simple, and to-the-point. Remember: You want to get important, relevant information across quickly and clearly. Consider using bold text, bright colors, and lots of exclamation points(!!)! If you would like a simpler and more digital way to create your 504 card for preschool or daycare with food allergies, check-out our Neocate Footsteps App. Have an in-person discussion about...
Solid Foods and Picky Eating?
...Pediatrics (AAP). This is part of the reasoning behind why we suggest waiting until 6 months to introduce Neocate Nutra, the only hypoallergenic solid food designed specifically for infants and children with allergies. However, for infants at risk of peanut allergy, guidelines have shifted in recent years. Experts now suggest that it’s best to NOT wait for those infants to add appropriate peanut foods to the diet. The latest guidance from the American Academy of...
Baby Rashes from A to Z (Acne to Eczema!) and When Is It a Milk Allergy?
...sure you plan, take notes, and ask the right questions when you see your doctor. -Rob McCandlish Rob McCandlish is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) who joined the Nutricia team in 2010. McCandlish has years of experience at Nutricia following food allergy research, working with Neocate products, talking with Neocate families, and learning about the science behind Neocate and food allergies. Doctor Rob has two nephews who both used Neocate for their cow milk allergies!...
Importance of fiber in childhood when it comes to food allergies
...a wheat allergy would need a fiber source with no ingredients from wheat. They might also need to avoid related grains like barley, rye, or oat. For children with food allergies who need a nutritionally complete, hypoallergenic formula, fiber intake can be more of a challenge. Neocate Junior is the only hypoallergenic formula for children that has added prebiotic fiber. The fiber in Neocate Junior come from the root of the chicory plant and was...
...formula. Choosing a formula with added prebiotics can make up for some of the lower fiber in the diet. The prebiotics added to various nutritional formulas for children include: scFOS lcFOS resistant starch pectin In the Neocate family of products, Neocate Syneo Infant (for infants) and Neocate Junior (for children) are the two formulas that are supplemented with prebiotic fiber. Both formulas contain scFOS and lcFOS, but in different amounts and ratios. Prebiotic fiber affects...
...sometimes includes a special diet with a hypoallergenic, amino acid-based formula like Neocate. The Neocate family of products can be used for infants, children, adolescents, and adults. There are powdered products like Neocate Syneo Infant and Neocate Junior, as well as ready-to-drink liquids like E028 Splash and Neocate Splash Unflavored. If your little one is diagnosed with EoE, make sure the healthcare team takes the time to explain all of the options, answer your questions,...
...A Mom’s Journey with TED (Total Elimination Diet) Neocate Footsteps app can help track your diet and potential allergic reactions. Learn more about Neocate Footsteps App. If you try an elimination diet and your baby still displays food allergy symptoms while being exclusively breastfed, or if you are not able to get enough nutrition yourself, breastfeeding and formulas are an option. Your doctor may recommend an amino acid-based formula such as Neocate for your baby....

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