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Multiple Food Allergies
...Multiple food allergies can make life challenging for you and your child. Meals at home, dining out, and meeting nutritional needs can become obstacles. Learn more about multiple food allergies and how Neocate can help....
...formulas are based on soy instead of cow milk. That means they contain soy protein instead of cow milk protein. Companies market these formulas for patients with lactose intolerance and galactosemia, which are not common in infants. Experts now estimate that up to 60% of children with an allergy to cow milk are also allergic to soy protein. For this reason, expert groups in the US advise that infants with cow milk allergy not take...
8 Common Signs and Symptoms of a Cow Milk Allergy
...even more acronyms? Infants allergic to both milk and soy: milk soy protein intolerance (MSPI) or multiple food allergies (MFA). With such prevalence, do you know the common signs and symptoms of a cow milk allergy? Children with a cow milk allergy often experience several signs and symptoms. These can affect multiple body parts, or systems (digestive, skin, respiratory or general). These are not specific to CMA, meaning they can signal other conditions. That makes...
Short Bowel Syndrome & Malabsorption
...​Short bowel syndrome (SBS) occurs when a large portion of the small intestine and/or colon is removed. A shortened small bowel is a serious condition which makes it difficult to get the nutrition needed to grow because of malabsorption and intolerance of normal nutrition. Malabsorption can also be part of other allergic & gastrointestinal conditions. Neocate – easy to digest and absorb – can be part of the solution....
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Finn finds Neocate<sup>®</sup> Syneo<sup>®</sup> to help resolve his food allergy symptoms – A parent’s perspective
...for his new quality of life. Finn at 7 months: Finn’s GI specialist thought these improvements likely meant he has an intolerance to dairy and possibly soy since those are the most common in babies, but I wanted to be sure since we were starting solids and I had noticed signs of a slight reaction to certain pre-packaged baby foods. So at 6 months, our pediatrician referred us to an allergist. Finn’s allergy testing was... pumped breastmilk. Within just a few days, he began showing signs of dairy protein intolerance, including excess fussiness and gassiness just after eating, arching, vomiting, mucus in his stools and diarrhea. His mom eliminated dairy from her diet and that seemed to improve his condition some and he started gaining a little weight. After a couple weeks, Roland was weaned from the tube and sent home. Unfortunately, once at home, his symptoms continued to...
...a hydryolyzed formula, talk to your baby’s doctor. A review of scientific research addressed the intolerance concern with hydrolyzed formulas by stating that “there are clinical benefits from the use of amino acid-based formulas in both symptoms and growth in infants and children with cow’s milk allergy who fail to tolerate extensively hydrolyzed formula”1. Another study showed that up to 30% of babies with complex food allergies did not tolerate the hydrolyzed formula ised inthe...

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