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Multiple Food Allergies
...Multiple food allergies can make life challenging for you and your child. Meals at home, dining out, and meeting nutritional needs can become obstacles. Learn more about multiple food allergies and how Neocate can help....
06/29/2010 review food labels and ask questions about ingredients in recipes before consuming any foods. The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004. What Is A Food Intolerances? Food intolerance is the inability to properly digest or fully process certain foods. This does not involve an immune response, but is still an adverse food-induced reaction that can cause uncomfortable symptoms similar to a food allergy. For example, lactose intolerance is caused when a...
...There are many misconceptions about food allergies out there. In today’s post, we’ll summarize 3 of the most common misconceptions that we hear. Food Allergies vs. Intolerances Food allergies and food intolerances are often confused with each other but they are actually two separate conditions with different underlying causes, symptoms, and treatment. Read more about the differences between food allergies and intolerances here. Testing for Food Allergies Another common misconception about food allergies...
Going to Preschool Or Daycare with Food Allergies
...The first day of preschool or daycare with food allergies is an exciting time for young children. It’s usually also an exciting time for parents, too! Sometimes, introducing little ones with food allergies and related conditions into a new environment can be scary and, depending on the severity of the allergy, even a bit dangerous. Prepare for preschool or daycare with food allergies. If this situation is one you will face soon, then...
Back to School With Food Allergies
...Summer is winding down, and it’s time to start helping your children prepare for their return to class and food allergy. Your school might have sent school supply lists, teacher assignments, and schedule for school nights. Now, it’s time to create your own food allergy checklist. Whether your child is returning to the classroom or attending for the first time, here are some things to help make sure they have a successful, fun,...
10/19/2017 infant formulas are a suitable substitute. Soy formulas are based on soy instead of cow milk. That means they contain soy protein instead of cow milk protein. Companies market these formulas for patients with lactose intolerance and galactosemia, which are not common in infants. Experts now estimate that up to 60% of children with an allergy to cow milk are also allergic to soy protein. For this reason, expert groups in the US advise...

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