Cow Milk Allergy Education: Diagnosed, Now What?

Cow Milk Allergy (CMA) can be one of the most challenging food allergies to diagnosis in infants and children. Even after receiving an official diagnosis many parents still have questions, such as what is the process for treating the allergy and how it will change their little ones’ lives. Knowing the right questions to ask your pediatrician is important in developing a plan to treat CMA.

Follow Jo, mother of Niahm, as she shares who arrived at a diagnosis and the helpful questions she asked her specialist after learning of her child’s allergy.

You can learn more about CMA and how Neocate can help your little one by visiting:

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·         8 Signs of a Cow Milk Allergy

·         Outgrowing a Cow Milk Allergy

-Team Neocate

Published: 01/22/2013
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