Ryleigh’s Story

Patient History:

Just a few days after she was born, Ryleigh began suffering from bouts of vomiting and constipation. The baby was inconsolable and responded to the pain by screaming and scrunching herself into a ball.

“Our newborn baby was absolutely miserable and nothing was making her happy,” says Ryleigh’s mother Michelle.

“We felt completely helpless.”

Nutritional Management and Outcome:

Ryleigh’s family took her to countless visits to the pediatrician. The co-payments piled up, but Ryleigh didn’t get any better. Her parents tried many different formulas, but Ryleigh’s symptoms only got worse.

Finally, when Ryleigh was three months old, the pediatrician referred her to a gastroenterologist who recommended Neocate Infant. Within the first week, Michelle noticed an 85-90% improvement in Ryleigh’s symptoms.

Ryleigh’s specialist recommended Neocate because he discovered that she was allergic to the proteins found in milk. Neocate is a hypoallergenic formula made up of individual amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that she can digest instead of the full or partial protein chains in the other formulas that cause her to have an allergic reaction.


After three months of painful gastrointestinal problems, Ryleigh finally found relief with Neocate Infant.

“I cannot believe it took one week to relieve the pain our daughter suffered from for three months,” says Michelle.

“Thank you so much Neocate.”

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