Natalie’s Story

Patient History:

From the night she was born, Natalie suffered from painful diarrhea, gas and projectile vomiting. Her mother Jill stayed up night after night with her miserable, crying baby. “We tried everything from the advice of our pediatrician but nothing seemed to work,” said Natalie’s mother Jill.

The condition affected the entire family. Natalie couldn’t focus on play time because she hurt so much. And the constant crying upset Jill’s two older girls.

 “I think they started to wonder why mommy brought this screaming baby into their lives!” says Jill.

Nutritional Management and Outcome:  The pediatrician diagnosed Natalie with infant reflux and immediately put her on reflux medication. Because Jill had problems breastfeeding her oldest child, Natalie was on soy formula. The pediatrician told Jill to switch from the soy formula to Similac Alimentum, a hydrolysate formula. But she still suffered and the older she got the more it was obvious that Natalie was suffering. Jill decided to take Natalie to a pediatric gastroenterologist, however, she had to wait a month before she was able to see him. While she waited, she took Natalie back to the pediatrician several times, hoping to find the answer to what was causing Natalie such pain.

When she finally met with the specialist, she explained Natalie’s symptoms and he immediately said it sounded like a protein allergy. He prescribed Neocate, an amino acid-based formula used in the dietary management of infants and children with milk and soy allergy. Unlike the hydrolosate formula, an amino-acid based formula is comprised of individual non-allergenic amino acids that Natalie could digest.

Within the first twenty-four hours Natalie’s condition improved. Within the next few weeks her mother noticed a drastic change. “There’s no more screaming, no more pain and she doesn’t even need the reflux medicine anymore,” says Jill. “I am so thankful that we found Neocate. It was very apparent that Natalie was suffering in pain from her condition. “I wonder how many other parents are going through this. Neocate was truly a blessing for us,” Jill says.


Natalie suffered from symptoms of uncontrollable projectile vomiting, gas and diarrhea.

Now, thanks to Neocate, she is no longer suffering. At 3 month sold and 13 and a half pounds and she is a happy, healthy baby.



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