Tube Feeding Research - You Can Help!

Posted 4.17.14 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

We recently learned about a tube feeding research protocol that is currently recruiting families. We know that a lot of families use feeding tubes with our Neocate products. If you have a child who is tube fed, you may be able to help!

What the researchers are studying

Robert Porter, BBA, MBA, is a doctoral researcher at Capella University. He is looking at how a feeding tube might affect a child’s language development. If you’re wondering why he’s so interested, his son Bo was tube fed for over seven years and his wife is also a Speech Language Pathologist!

Which families are eligible to help?

-Parents/caregivers who are US citizens, or US residents who speak English as the primary language with their child
-Children 2 to 7 years old who are currently or have been tube-fed for at least 12 consecutive months, receiving at least 80% of nutrition through a feeding tube
-Children currently diagnosed with a language delay

Where can I find more information?        

You can find more information at the website that’s been set up for the study:

We hope that any of you who may be eligible are willing to help with this important research!

- Rob

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