This is How Schools Handle Food Allergies?

Posted 11.18.08 | Nutrition Specialist

I came across an enlightening article the other day from Reuters Health on food allergy action plans in schools. Food allergies and specifically allergic reactions in schools have been all over the news lately and I assumed most schools would already have, or be working to create, a food allergy action plan for their students. However, according to this article, I thought wrong.

A survey was taken of 43 elementary and middle schools in the largest public school system in South Carolina on how they handled food allergies. Over half (56 percent) of these schools did not have did not have their food allergy kids on action plans. And even more surprising is that this school system is at or above the national average of food allergy action plans in schools, which is 16-64 percent.

To read the entire article, click here.

Overall, the article is encouraging parents to be proactive about your little ones health! Many adults, even those at your child’s school, may not be aware of the severity of food allergies.

For tips on how to ease your mind while your food allergy child is in school, read our previous blog entry on the topic.

- Nita

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